Alarm and CCTV Monitoring Services

Alarm and Security Camera Monitoring Services

Commissionaires Kingston & Region Division provides 24/7 monitoring services. Our highly trained professionals manage a broad range of security response services, including immediate and efficient handling of emergency situations. Our real-time service can be relied on to provide protection for people, property and communities.


Canadian Corps of Commissionaires is an established and respected security company and has developed many productive and professional relationships both with customers and service partners. Our success is founded on our ability to solve our clients’ security issues with a high level of service and back-up support.

Security Camera Monitoring helps prevent crime in several ways. The first is by increasing the possibility for arrest. A criminal caught on tape can be identified by a police officer through facial recognition. Live Video Camera Monitoring is proven to reduce crime, combined with a mobile response can be very effective to protect staff and property.

Working with the right combination of installer and monitoring provider, using proven, reliable systems and transmission technologies, ensures that our customers benefit from the right security solution and derive maximum value from their security budget.

With over 20 years of service, our installers have demonstrated that they have the knowledge, expertise and resource capability to specify, install and effectively maintain security cameras and associated equipment.


As a key holding provider we retain copies of the keys to your business premises in a secure and safe environment.

The keys can be used to allow access to your premises off hours for routine checks or investigation after an incident. Retaining the keys can also allow our Commissionaires to give supervised access to emergency services through the night or at weekends.

Canadian Corps of Commissionaires Kingston & Region Division is ISO 9001 compliant.

Contact our 24/7 Security Response Centre Toll Free 1-800-456-4933 or 613-634-4432 x 112