Vacation Watch

Home and Vacation Watch Brochure (PDF)
Leave your home security in capable hands.

Whether you are away for a day or several months, don’t leave your house to chance—leave it to Commissionaires. Our professionally trained staff will ensure that your home is secure and looks lived in as long as you are away.

Leaving a Home Vacant can Leave you Uninsured

Many homeowners are not aware that standard home insurance frequently does not cover damage incurred while a house is vacant if it is not inspected on a regular basis. Our residential home security monitoring service can provide you with the house visit schedule required by your insurance company.

We can set up a schedule to visit your home to:

  • Make it look lived in (vary lighting and drapes; collect mail, flyers and newspapers);
  • Ensure all systems are operational (heating and cooling; hydro; water and pipes);
  • Check for damages (broken windows; blocked drains).

Vacation Watch Security Alarms Need Back-up

Even if you’ve got one of the best alarm systems available for your home and it is monitored 24/7 for break-ins, if your alarm goes off and you are away, you need reliable back-up. Thieves can come and go in a flash and often police are too tied up to attend alarm calls in a timely fashion.

Commissionaires provide you with total peace of mind by offering a residential mobile response that’s fast and affordable. Our experienced mobile team consists primarily of former military and RCMP and is security cleared to federal standards. The service is available 24/7 and all alarm calls are attended in person.

The Commissionaires mobile response team will:

  • go into your home during an alarm when others are afraid to do so;
  • perform a thorough external and internal inspection, prepare an incident report and then re-secure your home;
  • coordinate with police as necessary (e.g., to carry out a break and entry investigation);
  • not leave your home after an alarm call until your home is secure.

Note: Please check with the office nearest you to verify this service is provided in your location.